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Be careful! How to watch a crook embed a camera in your room

Can you tell if someone has a built-in camera? Your secret room?

At this time, We would like to share some methods to understand that someone has hidden the camera in the locker room Shirt or in the bathroom or somewhere other than your home. They can be embedded in exhaust pipes, paintings, clocks, etc. All fans can work together Taken by: Bring your cell phone to work, call someone if You can make a call, which means that in that room There is no camera, but if you can not call back, there must be someone The camera is embedded.

Something more special Plus, you might not even think that the mirror you are looking at in the bathroom or in bed is looking back at you because it has two faces. You can experiment by hand Your mirror to the mirror if As a picture of Your hands apart means that it is a real mirror. Try doing this You will know for sure that there is you Embedded camera or dual lens or not.

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