Meet the huge Anaconda snake on the street and other snakes wrapped around each other (Video insider)

Brazil: According to a video posted on social media related to a group of veterinary students visiting while driving through the forest, they found a snake crawling across the road and it is strange to see that there are other snakes Five were wrapped around the snake’s tail, according to Unilad. They were very surprised when they saw a giant snake crawling on the road while they were in the car.

They made the video because they thought it was weird, but even more bizarre, they saw that the snake’s tail looked like something wrapped around it. It was clear that five more snakes were wrapped around the giant snake’s tail. Others are the children of the serpent. But in fact, it is a male snake that is trying to breed with this female snake, although in general, the breeding of snakes is in the rainy season, but it does not seem to be interested in all male snakes.

For more information, please watch the video below: