A group of tourists are shocked when they see an animal running across the river as easily as running on the ground… (Video)

Alaska: According to a strangely shared video of a reindeer (Moose) running across the water in front of a group of people traveling on the Alaska River, Times Now News reports. Social media shared a bizarre video showing the activities of

Kristy Paniptchuk, a reindeer running on the water, said: “She was sitting on the Uber, which was moving on the Alaska River. Only when she tried to observe clearly did she see that it was a reindeer.
Seeing this, she speeded up Uber to get closer to the reindeer.

To see it more clearly, she added that the reindeer seemed to move easily on the surface of the water, it looked very energetic in this run. Many social media users have suggested that the reindeer may be running on shallow water, but the video shows that the water in the area is deep enough for Uber riding. Moose reindeer are large reindeer found in tropical forests.

Today, Alaska is part of the United States. It is a state rich in natural resources and beautiful scenery filled with many port cities, making Alaska a popular destination for boating. See this reindeer.