The couple just bought a new apartment when they came in and were suddenly haunted every night (Video)

A newlywed couple often encounters strange events at night, hearing loud noises, sometimes falling rational objects. Suspicious also decided to embed the camera. In the morning, take the camera and look again to touch the hair.

According to the camera video, while they were fast asleep at 4 am, something suddenly pushed open the closet door and dropped the items off the table as if angry with the couple. This couple. But the mysterious force that pushed the door open did not know what it was, because it could not see clearly, only to see the head rise from under the bed a little. What do you think that is?

According to the host, “This video shows a strange activity going on in my house. Several unusual investigators contacted me and asked me to film the bedroom to see if any ghost activities could be filmed on tape. This is the first audio recording. You can see the ghost girl at the edge of the bed and it looks like a falling lamp passing through her! “I will record more… activities are starting to increase.”

Video below