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Danger! A 16-Year-Old Girl Will Die Due To A Habit That Should Not Be Done During Menstruation!

Ms. Zhu (16 years old) from Jiangxi, China has a habit of jogging until now. However, one day she was in severe pain during a run. The girl fainted on the street, causing a great deal of panic. People rushed her to the nearest hospital. At the time, she was in critical condition due to excessive blood loss.

After the surgery, a large amount of menstrual blood was sucked into her uterus. The main reason for this terrible situation is her strenuous running habits.

During the surgery, the doctor was surprised by the amount of menstrual blood in her abdomen up to 2000 mg, which is equivalent to half the blood in the body that is still flowing to the uterus. Fortunately, she was finally saved.

In the past, a 14-year-old girl named Liu in China died shortly after attending school. What is even more frightening is that the girl did not show any signs of interest and was not ill.

Things Not To Do

After this tragic accident, doctors also advised that sometimes simple activities that you do every day can cause you to lose your life if you do it during menstruation, such as:

– Do regular jogging exercises
– Wear too tight shorts
– Jump all the way

Eating cold food or drink.

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Source: FeedyTV

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