Plant an orange tree to protect the snake, suddenly the male and female blue snakes come and take the orange tree to make a nest… !! (Video Insider)

Strange: Surprised when a sister posted a picture and video showing a scary blue-black snake living on a funny orange tree, which is in the yard of her house. Live. The video also describes who said the snake was scared of oranges, the snake was on the orange tree.

The post by the owner of the icon, Brother Mom Brand, also made many commenters, which caused a lot of interest and surprise. Therefore, let all people increase their vigilance, because laughter may not scare snakes, as the old saying goes. However, this is a direct statement from the owner of Akon

(The youngest came to play on the orange tree again (who said that planting orange trees to protect the snake from fear) The child is gone, do not come back There was an orange tree that claimed that the snake was afraid to stand and play, but under the main anchor, he came with the other couple, but it went before it disappeared). Video below